A downloadable Random generated game

Hello, my name is Brian Baumgratz. I am 15 years old and my dream is to become a game designer. I am designing a game that I call Isotero. Isotero is a text based adventure game about surviving space in a randomly generated galaxy. All you have to do is select a, b, or c to make game making decisions. I am constantly expanding Isotero to make it an even better gameplay experience. Itwill always be completely free to play and explore. If you 
like Isotero Please email me at
at bbaumgratz@hotmail.com with questions, comments, or suggestions

4 races to choose from

planet names change each time you play

gain cool companions

collect items to achieve better outcomes

Feel free to access our forum, email me, or visit my website at Isoterogame.simdif.com

Install instructions

You need abpython interpreter to run this game.


galactic.py 80 kB